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Welcome to DomiNode! Dominica's public Geographic Information System (GIS) repository.

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Click to search for geospatial data published by other users, organizations and public sources. Download data in standard formats.

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Data is available for browsing, aggregating and styling to generate maps which can be saved, downloaded, shared publicly or restricted to specify users only.

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As for the layers and maps GeoNode allows to publish tabular and text data, manage theirs metadata and associated documents.

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Geonode allows registered users to easily upload geospatial data and various documents in several formats.

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Additional Datasets

CORS Stations

CORS stations provide Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) data, supporting three dimensional positioning and geophysical applications throughout Dominica.

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Topographic and bathymetric LiDAR data from Dominica. You can also request by email to the following data:

  • LiDAR grid.
  • LiDAR LAS/LAZ: Topographic and Bathymetric.
  • DSM / DEM.
  • Imagery data: COG, GeoTiff, Orthophotos.
  • Shapefiles.

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  • TopoMaps

    Dominica's Topomaps are maps characterized by large-scale detail and quantitative representation of relief.

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    Cloud optimized Geotiffs from satellite imaging of Dominica.

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    Featured Datasets

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